Summer trips to Korea & Vietnam!

The first info session for this year’s Korea & Vietnam summer trips will take place tonight, 5pm @Ackerman Union 3517. There will also be a second info session this Friday (Feb 19th, 2016) 5pm @Ackerman Union 2408. Please sign up here for the info session: or you can walk-in as well :) Hope to see you there!ivol_flyer_front_pink

New Students of UCLA 2015-2016

Congratulations to the new Bruins of the 2015-2016 school year! If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re interested in iVolunteer. Our organization is involved in both domestic and international volunteering trips. We emphasize diversity and leadership among our members, giving plenty of opportunities to have everyone get involved. Helping others and cultural exchange are our priorities (well, that and having fun!) Please go ahead and explore the site to get to know more about us! If you’re interested in receiving updates about when our meetings are, please sign up to our emailing list on the right hand side. Have a great year Bruins!!

Nepal relief funds

As you probably already know, recently there has been a disastrous earthquake in Nepal that has left many people struggling to survive. With the government as it is in Nepal, the Nepalese have come together on their own to help and support as many of the overlooked villagers as possible. Donate here: to support the Nepalanese and check out CHILD REACH NEPAL on Facebook to learn more. Special thanks to Lobsang Lama for providing iVolunteer with the connections to support Nepal.

Second round recruitment

Hi all our second round of recruitment has just begun for the Spring Quarter! All of our abroad trips are seeking passionate, helpful volunteers to make change in the communities we will serve. Application deadlines for the abroad trips is April 24th. We will be having an info session on April 16th at Ackerman Union room 2412 at 6pm. We accept people from all schools, come join us!flyer

Information about upcoming 2015 trips!

Hi all, the we have just been updated with our latest information on the 2015 summer trips! Go check it out under the Summer Trips tab. Applications for the trips will soon be posted as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Autism Workshop

In preparation for our Vietnam trip, we held an Autism workshop to learn more about the autistic kids in the orphanages. Here are some photos from the presentation. Special thanks to Autism Speaks U for coming out and enlightening us!

20141124_170657 (2)20141124_170534 (2)

LA Gardening Project

Hi all, here are some photos of the last LA Gardening Project! Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up and worked on the beautification of this area.


New Staff!

Hi all, our new staff page has finally been updated! Go check out our new 2014-2015 Staff and see our lovely faces.